Trayvon Martin: Zimmerman’s Attorney Apologizes for His ‘Apology’

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george zimmerman bail, trayvon martin caseAttorney Mark O’ Mara, legal council for George Zimmerman, 28, has apologized for his client’s ill-timed apology at a stunning bond hearing where he was granted $150,000 bail Friday morning, saying that he did not know that the family would find it inappropriate, reports CBS News.

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“My concern is, I didn’t realize that the way [Martin’s family] had responded to me was through a press conference where they said it was too late or not an appropriate time,” O’Mara said. “To be honest, had I known that – maybe had I seen the press conference – I’m not sure that we would have done it at the bond hearing, because the purpose of it truly was to get to the family and to respond directly to the family’s request. Had I known or been told that that wasn’t the time, it wouldn’t have happened. So, I apologize for that.”

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As previously reported by Newsone, Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, refused Zimmerman’s request to meet with him in private the day before the bail hearing. Attorney Benjamin Crump made their stance clear on a potential apology at a press conference in Tampa, Florida:

We stand on legal, public safety and moral grounds to solidify our position that Zimmerman should be held without bond until these matters are concluded,” Crump said.

“Sybrina is a Christian lady and Tracy — they are good people, and there may be a time and place for that, but not now.”

Critics — and prosecutors — not only accused Zimmerman of pandering to the court and media, but of also attempting to sway public opinion his way after weeks of silence. O’ Mara claims that the apology was not malicious and had nothing to do with bail being granted:

“[It] certainly it wasn’t necessary to get a bond. It is not usual that you have somebody get up at all in a bond hearing. We wouldn’t have done it in this case.”

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