Think Like A Man: Your Sexual Past…To Tell Or Not To Tell?

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think like a man posterHow much of your sexual past should you share with your partner? Whether it has been shared or not, know that you are probably not their first love interest.

Our dating experts weigh in on this hot topic:

(Jozen Cumming) HE SAID:

When it comes to asking your partner about her past, my advice is the same advice as everyone else: Don’t ask questions for which you don’t want to know the answer.

It’s important to know where a person’s been to get a better understanding of where they are so a little prying can’t hurt. But pry too much and there’s damage that cannot be undone. Just because she’s your woman, does not give you a right to violate her privacy by asking too many questions about a past that has nothing to do with you.

As for the number of partners she’s been with, before you even ask that question, ask yourself, Why does it matter? A question about the number of partners she’s had will probably only give you more questions than answers so leave it alone. Also consider what you can and cannot handle.

Some guys can’t even handle the idea their partner has been with one person before them, let alone two or three or four. Imagine if the number were more than the numbers of fingers she has on one hand, how would you feel knowing that? If you can’t handle such a thought, it’s best to leave the question alone.

No man needs to be concerned with the number of sexual partners his woman has had, so much as he needs to be concerned with the number of partners she has while she’s with him. The question of how many people she has slept with is not as important as how many people she’s sleeping with. As long as she says that number is one, and he’s the only one, he need not worry about how many people came before him.

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