The Secret To Getting Your Man Away From Sports And Into You!!!

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Rashad Phillip aka Dr. Dip

By Calvin Weathers

By Dr. Dip

Most men love watching live sporting events, whether it’s basketball, baseball, football, or boxing. I am one of those guys who love boxing. I grew up watching Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Riddick Bowe, Tito Trinidad, and Oscar De La Hoya.

Watching Super Fights were like religious holidays in my family. We would cookout, talk trash about who we thought was going to win, watch the fight, and then talk more trash about who lost. There’s something special about the way two fighters dance in the ring as they try to pummel each other. I even dabble a little myself. I have several boxing workout routines.

Ask my ex-girlfriends about my love for boxing and you’ll understand why I’m single. I can’t remember the number of arguments I’ve had when I chose boxing over dates with my ex-girlfriends. But recently, I’ve found a new dance that makes my heart beat. It’s Salsa dancing!

Three years ago, I started dancing Salsa. During the first year of dancing (when I had two left feet), I was able to watch almost all of my live boxing matches. As my dance skills improved and my desire to impress the Salseras (female dancers) increased, my friends and family noticed that I wasn’t watching live boxing matches. My brother would call to get my take on the fight, only to find out that I hadn’t seen the fight. Four years ago, if someone would have told me that I would prefer to dance instead of watch boxing matches, I would have told them that they are crazy! During the past year, I’ve only watch two live boxing matches. One fight was at the bar during a dance event. The second fight, I watch a few rounds on a cell phone after I took a break from dancing.

In the battle of Boxing versus Salsa, Salsa is definitely winning. After reflecting on this battle, I pondered on how the Salseras were able to pull me away from the boxing matches while my ex-girlfriends were unsuccessful. Looking back on my transition away from boxing and toward Salsa dancing, I noticed that the Salseras didn’t ask me not to watch the fight. They simply asked me to attend an event and expressed the desire to dance with me. Before I knew it, I agreed to attend birthday celebrations, performance team events, and Salsa Congresses that occurred during major boxing matches.

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