Romney’s New Phony ‘War On Religion’

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Just when you think Mitt Romney couldn’t sink any lower in this presidential race, he finds another way to up the ante. If the former Massachusetts governor weren’t such a condescending, disingenuous, and overall spineless politician, maybe more people would find his unyielding desire to always top himself impressive.

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Today the Romney campaign released “Be Not Afraid,” which focuses on “religious liberty” and features the Republican presidential contender, claiming, “President Obama used his health care plan to declare war on religion.” The narrator also ads, ”Mitt Romney believes that’s wrong.”

Romney supposedly believes this today, but who knows what tomorrow might bring?

“Be Not Afraid” is referencing the Obama administration’s decision to alter an original ruling and mandate that religiously affiliated employers cover the cost of contraception for women in their health care plans.

After cries of “religious freedom” from select Catholic bishops and several Republicans who co-opted their cause for sport, a compromise was reached: The faith-affiliated employers will still have to provide the benefit, but the religious institutions themselves won’t have to pay.

Somehow, that translates into Obama wanting to behead the Bible.

Worse, the ad embarks on painfully pathetic levels of pandering by invoking the images of Pope John Paul II. It’s a transparent attempt to woo Catholic support, though Catholics overwhelmingly disagree with church leadership on the use of contraception.

Or as the Wall Street Journal notes:

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