The Problem(s) With Romney’s VP Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan Vice PresidentIt’s always ironic to hear a White man born with certain privileges take shots at those not as fortunate.

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Rep. Paul Ryan (pictured) wasted no time invoking thinly veiled racial rhetoric during his debut performance as Mitt Romney’s running mate, when he noted that the government ”promises equal opportunity, not equal outcomes.”

A self-professed follower of Ayn Rand (minus her atheism, as he’s since made clear), his comments were a dog whistle to those who believe in the Rand-Ryan mantra about “makers” and “takers,” and how in the end, one person’s position in life stems on their own abilities versus handouts from the government.

Do you hear that, minorities, women, and old people? In Paul Ryan and co.’s world, life is what you make out of it. So there.

It sounds nice in theory, but as Salon’s Joan Walsh points out, the government subsidized Paul Ryan’s education, and for all that chatter about the virtues of free enterprise, Ryan has spent much of his career working in government and profiting off musings about why it needs to be gutted.

Paul Ryan is a poser.

A poser who has now been tapped by an even bigger poser to help him run the country in to the ground. For example, let’s take a look at “The Ryan Budget.”

His budget seeks to restructure entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid by privatizing each and dramatically reduce discretionary spending, with cuts to food stamps, child care, and other programs designed to aid those in need. His proposed cuts are so excessive that it drew the ire of nuns, who went out on a bus tour condemning their fellow Catholics budget plan as “immoral.”

Others have complained about the budget for reportedly leaving us with fewer food inspectors, fewer air-traffic controllers, and less clean energy initiatives (don’t worry: big oil catches billions of breaks), while women’s groups like Emily’s List were already leading the charge against him for seeking to de-fund Planned Parenthood and heavily restrict abortion coverage.

Fret not if you’re wealthy, though.

The liberal-leaning Center on Budget Policies and Priorities says that 62 percent of the spending cuts in the Ryan budget focuses on low-income programs, but 37 percent of its tax benefits would go to those making more than $1 million per year.

Already, the Romney campaign is trying to distance itself from the plan.

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