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Top things you may didn’t know about me! Post  yours also:
Fave thing to do: Laugh
Fave CD: anything by Jay Z
Fave Tv show: Martin
Fave Sound: Halle Berry moaning in Monsters Ball
Fave place:  Brazil
Fave word: LOVE
Fave thing about Best Friend: She’s a Lesbian
Fave scent: a clean *****
Best gift ever received: My sons / advice
Best gift ever given: paying mom’s mortgage off / my sons
Guilty pleasure: massage *every week*
Fave thing about radio: meeting and influencing people
Least Fave sound: Police Siren
Fave movie: Love Jones/ Baby boy
Fave Book: Bible / the Secret
Job I would hate to do: Hater
Job I would love to do: Actor
Words of wisdom: Have a Vision, then create a plan to accomplish it, and leave the rest up to GOD….the only thing that holds you back is you!


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