The Biggest Republican Mistakes Of 2012

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Mitt Romney, Republican Mistakes

This time last year, the Republicans were expected to seize control of the Senate and pose a real threat to President Barack Obama’s re-election efforts even with a band of misfit candidates. Unfortunately for the Grand Old Party, numerous gaffes and one too many kooks on the ballot soiled those plans. The Republican Party doesn’t seem to know what exactly went wrong with them, but fret not, here’s NewsOne’s breakdown.

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1. Mitt Romney Says He Likes to Fire People

Before he secured the Republican nomination by essentially outspending and smearing his competition, Mitt Romney openly noted how he “likes being able to fire people” in January. His primary rivals pounced on the comment, and as a result, Romney told the Wall Street Journal that he would “try and be a little more careful in what I say.”

We all see how well that pledge went.

Watch Romney actually being honest here:

2. Adviser Calls Romney ‘The Etch-A-Sketch Candidate’

When your candidate is accused of being an unscrupulous character, it doesn’t make much sense to go on national TV and lend credence to the sentiment. Romney senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom did just that when discussing Romney on CNN, in which he said, “Everything changes. It’s like Etch A Sketch. You can shake it up, and we start all over again.”

Watch Fehrnstrom’s unfortunate comments here:

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan3. Romney Chooses Paul Ryan as VP

Romney choosing the Wisconsin congressman as his running mate was sold as a “bold” choice that showed the Republican presidential nominee was interested in “big” ideas and a genuine shift toward staunch conservative principles.

Actually, all Paul Ryan’s selection as VP did was scare old people in Florida who were mortified of his plan to gut Social Security and Medicare.

And if you saw Ryan’s performance in the vice presidential debate with Vice President Joe Biden, you learned that the purported “great intellectual” is the dunce to Sarah Palin’s cap.

Watch a snippet of the debate here:

4. Clint Eastwood Makes Bizarre Speech at Republican National Convention

Grumpy old man blabs a bunch of condescending — and in some cases — offensive gibberish about President Obama. And while like-minded individuals in attendance at the RNC chuckled, the rest of the country was left as bewildered as the person talking to the empty chair. What was even worse? Clint’s speech was remembered much more than Mitt Romney’s.

Watch Eastwood’s embarrassing monologue here:

Ohio Black Voters5. Republicans Attempt To Suppress the Black and Latino Vote

Instead of trying to come up with ideas, such as being less racist and anti-immigrant, in an effort to woo minority voters, Republicans spent the last several years – and this one in particular – trying to suppress the Black and Latino vote. To the Republican’s surprise, though, several of their dubious laws were struck down in various courts across the country, ultimately awaking a sleeping giant — yes, when people’s rights are infringed upon, they tend to get motivated. See Ohio, which had a huge surge in the Black vote that handed Obama the state and re-election.

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