Say What? 64 Percent Of Republicans Admit To Being Birthers

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This just in: The majority of Republicans still don’t believe that President Barack Obama is from ’round these parts.

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In a new nationwide survey of registered voters that examines Americans’ belief in political conspiracy theories, Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind project found that 64 percent of Republicans think it’s “probably true” that President Obama is hiding important information about his background and early life.

Yes, even though the President has a memoir he released long before he became a national political figure and released his birth certificate and had his kinfolk attest to his story — ditto for the teachers, neighbors, and old classmates along the way — nope, none of that matters.

To be fair, 63 percent of Americans believe in at least one political conspiracy theory, though the others are far more common.

Other factors that have contributed to the lingering believe that Obama is secretly from Kenya? The fact that the President is constantly IMing Allah.

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The researchers noted:

Generally, the more people know about current events, the less likely they are to believe in conspiracy theories — but not among Republicans, where more knowledge leads to greater belief in political conspiracies.”

Fairleigh Dickinson political scientist Dan Cassino, added:

There are several possible explanations for this. It could be that more conspiracy-minded Republicans seek out more information, or that the information some Republicans seek out just tends to reinforce these myths.

Now, where on Earth would they find such information?

And then there’s this:

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